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Changelog FAQ
Q: Why another typing speed tester?
A: Why not.
Q: Why can I only type one single piece of text?
A: This is about measuring your typing speed, not your reading skills. It would probably be the most accurate if you memorized the text and typed it by heart.
Q: The text seems rather simple.
A: Yes, it's intentionally simple. It is taken from the Simple Wikipedia page for the word `Computer`. Simple, shorter words are generally easier to type.
A: Words per minute.
Q: What constitutes a `word` here?
A: 5 characters. That's apparently the standard length of a word for these things.
Q: Am I seeing ghosts?
A: Those are other people.
Q: Who are these people?
A: How would I know?
Q: Can I delete more than one character at a time?
A: Yes, you can use Control-Backspace or Command/Meta-Backspace to delete one word at a time.
Q: Can I press the `Enter` key instead of clicking the `Try again` button?
A: Yes.
Q: There seems to be a little lag.
A: Yes, probably because it's all server-side. If you get to around 120-140wpm (for me), you begin to feel the text not quite catching up to you. Sorry.
Q: Something something mobile.
A: Let me ask you something: you're doing a speed typing test on mobile?